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  • Progressive Pre- K through 12th grade academy
  • Primary mode of learning and teaching: Project Inquiry Based Learning throughout all grades and curriculum


  • Strongly integrated in a variety of creative experiences that include the arts as well as environmental programs
  • Outdoor experiences with real work know- how developing our vegetable and bee farms on our 23 acre campus
  • Great skills building listening, speaking, thinking, and behavior (respect for others productive collaboration). Please view this video for a preview of PIBL


  • Established in 1988 and fully accredited by AdvancED/ The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)¬†
  • Values and morals are engaged through inspiring daily non- denominational Bible studies
  • Regular community outreach involvement in all grades develops students who are caring community members who have purpose and direction
  • Mindfulness is developed through the morning exercise routines in Tai Chi and Yoga



We look forward to having you spend time with us. Please go to the visit section of this website and schedule an appointment for an interview and a tour.