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Attending High School at TFA

Each morning, the student checks in with their advisory teacher, whom they stay with for 9-11th grade, this allows the student to be known well by one adult and is the channel by which all the other teachers communicate to the family. This is a great partnership with a caring adult who supports the goals and needs of the student. In 12th grade the student begins Senior Institute with a senior advisor who informs them of needed actions for college and career preparedness.

Bible Study follows in our black box theater. Different Bible study leaders stress the importance of morals and values to guide us in our daily lives. Following the 15 minute Bible study is Tai-Chi, our way of preparing the body and mind for the rest of the day.

On Monday mornings, unlike Tuesday through Friday class times, students stay in Advisory. This is a time for team building, conflict resolution, community work, conferencing, goal setting, self-concept development, fieldwork, games, and portfolio progress and completion. Seniors use this time to work on their senior projects and portfolios together in groups.

The remainder of the week follows a consistent schedule with a daily math period proceeded by a triple class period for language arts, social studies, and science in the form of Project Inquiry based Learning (PIBL)   Subject matter and skills are learned through direct instruction followed by a long period of independent research and collaboration resulting in a project that is presented when complete to classmates, other students, and later to a panel of school and community members. Project based learning is planned and practiced to help students successfully navigate the process. It builds teamwork, creative problem solving, research skills, subject knowledge, organization, presentation skills, and the ability to respond to unexpected events. Centers and warm-ups are used for independent student work, practice of skills and building of independence and cooperation. Students know what  “I Cans” or standards they are working on, and can see the results of their work, effort and progress. In the afternoon students may be placed into Intensives, a part of our daily routine to ensure all students’ individual needs are met, to receive help in the areas of reading, writing, and math.

High School students choose their electives. Options include: visual arts, performing arts, foreign language, advanced math, writing, speech and debate, environmental science, entrepreneur classes, various forms of farming, S.T.E.A.M. based options, and sports/PE.

The opportunity to achieve college credit is also available through our dual enrollment contract with Florida State College at Jacksonville. Detailed elective titles are discussed under the electives tab on the TFA website..

Following Educational Progress

Students have school-wide procedures that are followed for all activities and transitions such as entering the classroom, cleaning up, dismissal, going to the restroom, and so on. Each class has these procedures posted, explained, and practiced. The students know and understand their workplace standards and the expectations connected to them. These too are posted and reviewed for progress. All students are required to keep a planner and share it with their parents. Daily homework of reading for 30 minutes and keeping a reading log is required.

Portfolios provide the evidence of cumulative progress. The portfolio is developed throughout the year and includes student work and reflections that demonstrate the essential skills, “I Cans”, and senior expectations that have been learned and demonstrated. The student shares the portfolio and report card progress with parents during student led conferences which occur every marking period.

Keeping Connected

Each teacher has an EdLine account, which is for online communication with families and also where the school newsletter is posted. Parents are expected get their access code to participate in Edline either from their child’s teacher or from someone in the main office. Updates and news can also be found here on the school website.

Performances, festivals, exhibitions, and picnics are part of our tradition. The dates are in the school planner, on Edline, and on the school web site. These activities are an integral part of the education at TFA, and parents are invited – especially during these events – to participate fully in the students’ learning experiences.

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