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The Foundation Acadeomy Lunch Program


$75.00 covers your student’s lunch on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday for the  school year.

  • You can set up a lunch account with a $75.00 deposit
  • If you have multiple students at TFA, you will need to deposit $75.00 for each student
  • Lunch account funds are not prorated or refundable
  • There is no sibling discount for lunch accounts


Pizza cost is $2.00 per slice.

Taco cost is $2.50 per taco.

  • Pizza or tacos are ordered every Monday. There is no lunch program available on Monday.  Students will need to order the number of pizza slices or tacos and turn their money in before 9:30am to receive their food at lunch time.


For the student not participating in the $75 year long lunch program, lunch is $2.00 per day (see Monday information for exception)

  • Students who do not have a lunch account will need to pay $2.00 in the lunch room each day they purchase lunch.
  • Funds paid on a daily basis for lunch are not cumulative and will not be applied to the Lunch Account Program.


No Lunch is served on Wednesday.

  • Wednesday is a half day, and students should bring a lunch if not leaving at 12:30pm.

Please note drinks are only provided to those who have a re-usable container.  No cups will be provided.

If a student uses dishes and silverware that the school provides he or she will have to wash his or her dishes before leaving the cafeteria.

TFA Prepaid Lunch 2018- 2019

Prepay $75.00*

*Does not include Monday (Pizza/ Taco Day)



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