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The Foundation Academy’s Lunch Program


Choices for lunch are as follows:

School provided hot lunch


Lunch brought from home
To be eaten at designated lunch time per grade level
Please, No Outside Deliveries

(Lunch Menu subject to change)

Price List

$2.00 per lunch
Each lunch includes what is written in the menu, a drink and a choice of a side dish (string beans, corn, peas or carrots).

All Mondays are pizza days. Orders must be made in advance by 8:30am.

$.50 for fruit.

If you bring your  lunch, please bring your own forks or spoons, thank you

**Please note drinks are only provided to those who have a re-usable container.  No cups will be provided.

*** If a student uses dishes and silverware that the school provides he or she will have to wash his or her dishes before leaving the cafeteria.