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The Mission Statement of The Foundation Academy

At The Foundation Academy, we are committed to helping children learn to know their God-given purpose and worthiness in the world. We recognize that each student is unique. Through the principles of faith, hope, and love, we encourage the celebration of cultural diversity, the development of critical thinking, and the motivation of lifelong learning.

TFA Beliefs

TFA is founded on Christ’s values of faith, hope, and love. We believe in collective study, so we have a non-denominational bible study every morning. We believe in a healthy body, so we practice school-wide Tai Chi. We believe in community, and so we are committed to our small school atmosphere. We believe in communication, and so all students have an advisory class they attend each morning. We believe in taking care of our earth, so our campus is noticeably “green” in our practices. We believe in the power of the arts to strengthen a student’s God-given talents and academic career. Our project-based learning, exhibition presentations, and portfolio assessments all typify Art Education at its finest.

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