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Established in 1988, The Foundation Academy is a private school in Jacksonville, Florida, whose mission is to educate children using STEM and arts integration in a family-like environment, helping each student become a critical thinker, a lifelong learner, and grow in knowing that God loves them.

All TFA students are viewed first through their strengths. TFA students build an understanding of themselves as unique, talented, worthy individuals who are fully capable of achieving valuable goals.  TFA students build skills necessary to produce highly sophisticated presentations and products based on their hard work.

From 1988-2007, The Foundation Academy campus was located in Jacksonville Beach on Third Ave. South and 1st Street. In 2008 we moved to our current, beautiful 23-acre campus. This campus has enhanced our family atmosphere through organic gardening, an aquaponic farm, sports fields, playgrounds, theater building, visual arts studios, and large team teaching classrooms.

The Foundation Academy staff engages in weekly development sessions, where we discuss and plan strategies for each individual learner to reach high expectations. We adapt our curriculum to meet student needs, and include world events and issues as they arise. We integrate arts and sciences and connect these to the real world around us through PIBL (Project Inquiry Based Learning).

Since 1988, The Foundation Academy has developed great thinkers and leaders in an atmosphere of warmth and mutual respect. These strong individuals learn to collaborate with others to accomplish their goals. They grow to respect differences and appreciate their unique personal contributions. They go on to college, careers, and the military, with the resiliency built from this enlightened school environment.

As I communicate with many graduates on Facebook I see that they persevere through life’s challenges and carry on with hope and courage.

I am grateful and pleased as principal and founder of The Foundation Academy to be included in the lives of our families. It is a mutually enriching experience. I welcome you and look forward to experiencing great things together.

Please feel free to call and plan a visit to this unique place. I look forward to meeting you and engaging in stimulating conversation.


Nadia Hionides
Principal, The Foundation Academy

University of Pennsylvania, M.S. Ed
The City University of New York, B.S. Ed
Bronx Community College, A.A.
Founder of Jacksonville Science Festival est. 2013
2015 Time Union Eve Award Winner for Excellence in Education
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