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In an effort to reduce the financial burdens to families in paying for our high-quality, private school education, The Foundation Academy supports various scholarship programs that you may qualify for.

The Step-Up For Students Scholarship


The Step Up for Students Scholarship is funded through the Florida Tax Credit program.  The program provides K-12 educational scholarships for qualifying low income students who are entering Kindergarten through fifth grade or, if in sixth grade or higher, who attended a Florida public school the previous school year.  The scholarship funds up to $7,000 for the 2022-2023 school year. If a student is already attending another private school with the Step Up Scholarship, it can easily be transferred to The Foundation Academy.  New parents seeking more information on the scholarship may visit their website at

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Step Up for Students Checklist

  • Copy of paycheck stubs for most recent 30 days
  • Copy of 1040, W-2 and/or 1099 for all working adults in household
  • Copy of current unemployment, worker’s comp, VA, alimony, pension, retirement
  • Copy of current AFCS/Food Stamp statement or award letter
  • Copy of current Section 8 or HUD housing letter
  • Copy of current child support documentation
  • Copy of custody/residency doc for all children & adults in household
  • Copy of Florida school report card, showing at least the first 3 semesters from the previous school year for each student entering 6th-12th grade.  For students entering K-5th grade no prior year public school requirement applicable.
  • Copy of the birth certificate for all children entering K or 1st grade
  • Copy of proof of custody or residency for all children being applied for.

* Only the items that apply to your household are required


The McKay Scholarship

The McKay Scholarship Program allows parents of students with disabilities to choose the best academic environment for their child. The program provides eligible students the option to go to a private school or transfer to another public school. To be eligible to participate in the program a student must have been issued on Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Students must also have been enrolled in a public school the year prior to applying for the scholarship.  To apply for the program the parent must file a Letter of Intent with the scholarship program.  The student must still be enrolled in the public school system when the Letter of Intent is filed.  If a student is already enrolled in another private school and is receiving McKay funds, the scholarship can be transferred to another private school that participates in the program.

For more information about this scholarship program visit their website at

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