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Butch Shadwell has been working in electronics since he was 12 years old.  Starting with vacuum tube technology, he has designed systems through the evolution of transistors, SSI, MSI, and LSI.  In his extraordinary career he has worked with almost every kind of technology in the electronics industry, including applied research and development in nuclear medicine, opto-electronics, electronic warfare, robotics, industrial automation, machine vision, artificial intelligence, digital television, special sensors and embedded systems.


A senior member of the IEEE, he is active on the IEEE Energy Policy Committee and the IEEE Research Policy Committee. In 2009 he was selected as the international chair of the IEEE Humanitarian Technology Challenge – Reliable Electricity.


He has conducted sponsored research at Carnegie-Mellon Robotics Institute and received over $1.5 million in grants for his work in machine vision.  For the past nineteen years he has had a successful consulting practice developing new technologies for dozens of companies.  His clients include multi-billion dollar companies, and as an active volunteer in IEEE has been a featured speaker at many universities, sections, and student branches around the world.

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