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Car Riders Procedures


• Each parent will be provided with a car hanger the first week of school.

• Your child’s first and last name should be printed on the car hanger in large block letters with a permanent black marker. Parents with more than one child should list all students on their tag, attaching a second tag if necessary.

• The car hanger, with the child’s name, should be placed on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle when picking a student up after school. Cars without hangers will have to show valid ID and wait for ID verification. You will be asked to park while you wait. Please be patient. Replacement car hangers may be purchased for $1.

• As cars approach the student pick-up area, an assigned adult or safety patrol student will call for students to come to the Car Rider Zone.  The student will proceed to the designated boarding area. 

EARLY DISMISSAL Parents who are picking students up early must stay in their car and call the front office to sign the student out. Someone will come out to your car to verify ID and sign the student(s) out.  

Students cannot be released during the last hour of school unless it is an emergency, or you have contacted the office in advance.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT PARKING LOT RESTRICTIONS. PLEASE READ BELOW. Use the first row of the parking lot if you will be parked on campus the last hour of school. The Van Loading Zone will be in the parking lot. Cars parked there will not be able to get out until after vans are released. Please refer to the parking lot map to identify Car Rider and Van Loading Zones.


1. Temperatures will be taken prior to student(s) being released from their vehicles each morning.

2. Students with a fever will not be allowed to be dropped off at school.

*See COVID Procedures

3. Be patient & wait in line.

4. Follow traffic instructions.

5. Please do not park in the car rider zone.

6. Please give your child lunch money, breakfast, fix their hair, etc. at home – not in the car drop-off area.

7. No cars should be left unattended. If you need to get out of your car, please park in the available lot.

8. Please do not block the cross walks. Notice the lines on the pavement.

9. Do not allow your child to exit the car until you have reached the designated drop-off zones.

10. Please pull up as far as you can prior to allowing your child to exit the car, following the directions from the staff member on duty.

***Are you available to assist in the mornings?  We would love to have some extra hands to greet our students each morning. 

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