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Virtual Learning

Due to Coronavirus/ COVID-19

Students will continue virtual learning

May 29th, 2020


Attention all TFA Families, faculty, and staff,
We have been informed that DCPS is closing schools and we are following their lead.
Teachers will be preparing lessons and students will be able to access work daily until the rest of the school year May 29th, 2020.
Your teachers-advisors will email you and put in Plus Portals the details of how our TFA students will be doing “school at home”.  These are some of the strategies we will be using:
1. Assignments will be posted to Plus Portals
2. You will be notified by text as to what assignments your student must complete
3. Be prepared to watch video lessons via KHAN Academy or any other means that might be sent to you like YouTube
For those of you that do not have internet access, a TFA van will drop off packets. In order to be a part of the packet program you must text your high school advisor or middle school and elementary teacher stating you do not have access to internet.
Click here for a list of websites full of resources


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