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STEM has direct and indirect relevance to many activities that people enjoy. Activities such as football and other sports, theater, music, car racing and more are connected with STEM. “Science Day” and “Science Week” are a great way to showcase the importance of STEM and an opportunity to help our young people get engaged with STEM and feel that career choices in STEM areas are not out of reach or irrelevant to things they are interested in.
How to be part of “Science Day” or Science Week”

You can participate in the following ways:
• Join the Jacksonville Science Festival coalition by emailing Nadia Hionides or Victor Toribio expressing interest: nhionides@foundationacademy.com or vtoribio@foundationacademy.com
As a member of the coalition you will support “Science Days” by conducting interactive presentations at venues that agreed to host a “Science Day” or “Science Week.”
Your organization will be featured and you will represent the Jacksonville Science Festival through your organization by “Just Adding Science” to preexisting events.
• Sign up to be a host for “Just Add Science” through a “Science Day” or “Science Week” in your preexisting event.
• Sign up your class to present a “Science Day” interactive presentation.
• Sign up your Club to present a “Science Day” interactive presentation.
• If there are additional ways that you feel will “Just add Science” please contact us as well.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Nadia Hionides
Senior Advisor,
Jacksonville Science Festival


More information on “Just Add Science” visit the Science Festival Alliance webpage.
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