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Looking for employment?

On Thurs Jan 11, 1:30-2:30 pm, we have someone coming to the TFA campus that matches job seekers to contractors for the Florida Dept of Transportation. There are many road construction and contractor projects active right now.  They place throughout  Florida, including Jax.  Entry level starts at  $10-11/hour and you move up quickly with gained experience. Large employers include: Duval Asphalt, SEMA, Bob’s Barricades, Superior, Archer Western, Hubbard, Petticoat Schmidt, and others. Jobs are open to anyone 18 and older, including international students.
They are working on adding to their program for the spring, Roads to Jobs, which will help candidates with basic math, grammar, road construction terminology, safety, drug testing, and interviewing.
Please call TFA at 904-493-7300 if you are interested in attending. Share this with others in need of a job change or new employment.

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