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New to TFA?

Dear Parents and Students,

All newly enrolled and transferred students must have the following information:

  1. A new physical on Form DH3040

  2. A copy of your child’s birth certificate and/ or social security card

  3. A copy of your child’s immunization record (immunizations must be current)

All current students promoted to the 7th grade must have their immunization records completed for the state 7th grade requirement. The state requires that they must have completed the following:

  • 5 DTP/DTaP (Diphteria/ Tetanus/ Pertussis)

  • 4 Polio

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

  • 3 Hep B (Hepatitis B)

  • 1 Varocella* (Chicken Pox)**

  • Tdap 1 dose (Tetanus/ Diphtheria/ Pertussis)

* One Varicella dose required for attendance however, 2 doses recommended by ACIP.
** Varicella vaccine not required if history of disease (year) documented by healthcare provider.

All Documents must be turned in before the first day for school (August 31st, 2015.)

Here is a link to local Health Departments with immunizations clinics in Jacksonville, FL.



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