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-Originally from Sierra Leone, a former British colony, I attended the Prince of Wales School and the University of Sierra Leone where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Chemistry and specialization in Education. I completed the Education program at the University of Durham in England through a scholarship program from the British Technical Aid to the University of Sierra Leone where I graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science with a diploma in Education.

I taught high school chemistry and general science in Sierra Leone for two years. In 1981 I was nominated for a scholarship by the EEC (European Economic Commission) to attend the Agricultural and Earth Sciences University of Wageningen in the Netherlands where I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Soil Sciences and Water Management. I wrote my thesis on “Land Evaluation and Agropedology in Sierra Leone using Soil Chemistry Modules applied to Dutch Soils”.

In 1983 I went home to Sierra Leone and worked for the FAO (Food & Agricultural Organization) of the United Nations. I was appointed Soil Scientist at the FAO’s Land Resources Survey Project where I led a team of experts in several projects including the Wetland Research Project sponsored by the Royal Tropical Institute in The Netherlands.

I moved to Colombia, South America in 1985 where I lived for eleven years with my family. While there I worked as a high school science teacher and Head of the Science Dept. at the Fundacion Colegio de Inglaterra. I also taught Applied Physical Chemistry through modules at UNISUR, Colombia’s Distance Learning University. At the Fundacion colegio de Inglaterra I taught IB Chemistry and the Cambridge IGCSE Physics.

I moved to the United States in 1995 and I have worked in different professional areas including Teaching and Training, Sales, and Financial Services. Up until my appointment with The Foundation Academy I was doing freelance tutoring. I teach college students and students in specialized schools like Nursing Schools that need tutoring in Chemistry and Math.

Apart from my teaching skills and all the other skills I have acquired in different countries around the world I also have language skills and am fluent in Arabic, Dutch, Spanish, and French. Communication has always been my strength in all my teaching, training, and counseling activities.

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