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TFA Class of 2014 Senior Exhibition Volunteers Needed

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR SENIOR EXHIBITIONS!  Several times a year we hold exhibitions featuring student presentations as a part of the process to ensure our students display academic and performance accountability to parents, peers, and local community members. These presentations are designed to demonstrate that our students are prepared for success in the next phase of their education goals and ultimately as lifelong contributors to society.

We’re looking for community members, alumni and parents to be a part of our upcoming round of Class of 2014 Senior Presentations as panelists on Tuesday, February 11th, Wednesday, February 12th, and/or Thursday, February 13th from 9am to noon. If you can participate any (or all) of those dates please let us know immediately by emailing or calling 904-493-7300. I know this opportunity will be a rewarding experience for you, as well as helping our students in developing real-life communication and presentation skills which are a critical part of the necessary authentic learning we provide at TFA.

In preparing for their exhibitions, our seniors work collaboratively with a team of their peers to prepare projects. Projects include an “Essential Question”, research, an annotated bibliography, and a report that demonstrates understanding of the essential question along with the process and outcomes in developing the project. In presenting, students are required to reflect on their experience and relate how they used their “Essential Skills,” “TFA Senior Expectations,” and other TFA curricular expectations to produce project results.

This exhibit begins with a measurement rubric of the necessary components and specific expectations being provided to seniors prior to beginning project development. The same rubric is used by the panelists in evaluating the presentation. If you accept this invitation, our confirmation email will include a copy of the rubric and we’ll also have them available as hard copy for you on the date(s) that you participate as a panelist.

I want to thank you in advance for committing your valuable time to the future of our children, our community, and ultimately, our world.



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