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Students Can Express Themselves

The Foundation Academy caters to students' desire to create meaningful expressions of themselves and their abilities.

Along with our outstanding Performing Arts program, the Foundation Academy is also dedicated to a Visual Arts program that will help create confident, well-rounded students. When so many schools are being forced to end their Arts programs, Foundation Academy believes it is critical to education. We offer classes in pottery, drawing, painting, mixed media, 3D art, videography, digital art, and more.

We believe that artistic education is a vital part of being a well-rounded person.  It gives the student the chance to practice discipline, creative problem-solving, and patience.  It allows a student to express him or her self creatively, while at the same time, giving the student a voice in our sometimes chaotic world.

Along with learning and practicing techniques from the artists on our staff, visual arts students are also involved in creating set pieces and backdrops for our performances and festivals. Our students have creative freedom in producing art to display at Jacksonville’s Art Walks and festivals, and to sell for different fundraising opportunities. Our art students take lots of pride and personal responsibility in their work because they know every piece will potentially be displayed or sold.


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